Customize your alerts easily

Real-Time Alerts

Every real time alert is designed to help you solve problems proactively and control labor costs.

There are a number of different email alerts to choose from, which can be set up right from within the system. Customize your alerts know when employees are late for work or working overtime. Easily set reminders for employees to Punch in and Punch out. See full history of each employees punch in and punch out on a Map.

No more unnoticed absences

Alerts can be sent to managers whenever an employee was scheduled to work today, and is late by more than x minutes.

If an employee is missing in action, you’ll quickly know!

Geolocation Alerts

Timeclock365 has many cool and surprising features
like Geolocation tracking.

There are so many things that can be done to enhance productivity, customer service and employee management.

Use Geo location alerts to see where employees are at all time, if employee enters or exits a defined area or visit customer and how long they were there.

“This greatly enhances employee performance on
the day to day tasks and missions.”

Know which of your customers were visited
automatically as per your alert setup.

Timeclock 365 smart alerts help to keep you in the know

Go ahead, give it a try!