Why Is It Advisable To Establish Time Tracking for Remote Employees

Remote Employees

Melissa Mauro Almost everyone in the world of business knows about the advantages of effective time management. Proper time management enables proper planning for a company’s decision-makers and managers. Managers can get a clear understanding of how their employees spend their time, being able to make the necessary changes to the workflow, increasing efficiency. Therefore, […]

Top 5 Time Tracking Tips for Creative Teams

Bridgette Hernandez​ One of the essential parts of keeping a team organized is tracking the time each task requires correctly. While some teams might struggle with this, others seem to have it under control. Keeping your team motivated when going through longer projects might seem like a struggle. The right time management might seem impossible […]

Are You a Concerned Employer Considering GPS Tracking at Work?

Are You a Concerned Employer Considering GPS Tracking at Work? We have been using GPS trackers in our cars for many years now: whether it’d be for our personal mapping usage, or to protect our cars from thefts, or to avoid misuse of official vehicles, etc. We have also fancied the National Geographic documentaries where […]

Do you Know Tracking Laws of your Area

Don’t be a Law Breaker: Do you Know Tracking Laws of your Area? Are you aware of relevant legislations regarding basic human rights of your employees especially while tracking their location or time, using devices like cellular phones, computers or tablets by employing GPS or web based technologies? Technological advancement only requires technical creativity and […]

Geofencing with Timeclock 365

Geofencing is a technological advance that has just changed the game for everyone. One of the many uses encompass managing the staff. It has made time tracking easy, fast and viable. Employers: It’s super convenient for them as the employees only have to time in and out, and the employer will know. To further keep […]

Time Tracking App – nothing better

time tracking app

There’s probably nothing better for employers in times like these than being able to track your employees through just an app. You can access it from anywhere, any time. Just A Click Away: TimeClock tracking app lets you keep a record of everyone. It works on every device for super easy access. You’re just a […]

Develop a work atmosphere that brings out your best

Make a schedule and set deadlines- even if you have to adjust at least you have a guideline. Find your most productive time and use it to tackle your most complicated tasks. As a manager, find your own personality, trying to be what you’re not NEVER works. Plan, Plan, Plan.  Those who make it look […]

Managing our business

We make things harder than they need to be- In life as well as in business this is generally true. For whatever the reason we feel that if we do everything it says something about who we are. You know what else says something about who we are- using tools and technology available to make […]

Daily tip for employees management

Be open to the new reality. Today nothing is familiar businesses are working remotely and many of our regulars are no more. It is so important to be open to new methods of working and to new avenues to reach clients. We are our own worst enemy, if we think we know what to do […]