What Happens If My Workers Forget To Clock In or Clock Out

What happens if my employees don’t clock in correctly? or “I’m late for work, can my partner clock in for me?” The same situation reflected on both sides of the same coin. Both situations are a classic faced by businessmen and human resources personnel in companies, and that led to the introduction of time tracking. […]

Employees Time Tracking On Mobile App

If every company is to describe itself, it would be filled with positivity. These positive attributes would be positively linked to its workforce and innovative systems put in place to ensure the offer quality service. However, if a company is doing great or poorly, it depends on its employees’ productivity levels. Tracking employees have over […]

Biometric Time Tracking

There are many ways to monitor, identify, and authenticate employees when signing up for a job. One of the most reliable and effective is the use of biometric time tracking software. Biometric systems generate acceptance, ease of use, stability, prevent possible attacks, and are reliable. What Is A Biometric Clock? Biometric clocks are management clocks […]

Track Tasks And Projects

Effectively managing working time and monitoring activities is a guarantee of profitability for any company. Various studies have shown that most employees don’t work to full potentials if not monitored. However, good time management and effective monitoring of activities make it possible to optimize human resources, planning processes, consolidate employees’ activities, invoice the actions carried […]

GPS Tracking Of Employees

In a competitive world in which processes are constantly evolving, and technology provides an important share in the productivity of companies. The decision to track employees through a time tracking software has become a vital administrative tool. This software offers advantages to the companies that implement it, since it allows, planning, measuring, evaluating and keeping […]

Corona business management

Corona business management doesn’t have to be daunting.  Make sure to listen to your employee’s concerns, working from home is lonely and unsure.  There is no one to look at and to ask a question, no one to laugh with and there is no one to eat lunch with.  Employees do better when they feel […]


time tracking software

The current global situation with the pandemic has shaken economies, cost thousands of lives and has also forced mankind to shun away from practices that at one time seemed perfectly normal. Governments were forced to enforce lockdowns in hopes of ‘flattening the curve’. As such, many businesses have now started working from home in order […]

Web Based Time Tracking

Sign in Sign in Try Free Web Based Time Tracking TRY NOW ! Take Timeclock 365 Wherever You Go Cloud based, available data 24/7 Real time alters for managers and employee Efficient and accurate payroll process Free 15 days trial – no credit card needed. Attendance tracking shouldn’t lock you down at your desk. Get […]