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Biometric Fingerprint Attendance is Fast Gaining Popularity

As the business landscape evolves, companies are fast replacing redundant systems with new and improved ones containing time and cost-saving features. Now, when it comes to time and attendance tracking, businesses around the world are fast adopting biometric fingerprint devices as a way of enhancing labor efficiency.

 Of course, that’s not all; there are dozens of reasons why future-focused companies go the biometric way. Here are three noteworthy benefits.

Smoothens payment processes

In this day and age, payroll-related grievances should be a thing of the past. While you may want to prevent your contractors or full-time employees from inflating your labor budget, it is equally vital for you to pay your staff members their rightful share for work done. You should be able to track login and out time, review and approve it, thanks to biometric fingerprint tools.

Faster clocking

With this tech, businesses can easily trail member clock-ins and out and minimize payroll discrepancies. Employees, on the other hand, can reduce the wait time before starting work due to the fast-biometric log in process.


Biometric systems can be used on mobile devices to simplify time tracking for remote or in-house projects. With a portable fingerprint scanner, users can track time on-the-go using their tablets or smartphones. So whether you’re working worlds apart or centrally, a biometric fingerprint scanner can help streamlines your time and attendance processes.

The list goes on and on.

Timeclock 365 allows your employees to do more than biometrically track logged time; supervisors and managers can get critical alerts of projects in real-time, see who is working and who isn’t, map locations, manage all job tasks, and much more.

Be sure to check out all the features that come with our time attendance and time tracker or drop us an enquiry. What more? You can take advantage of our free 15-day trial period to get a feel of what it is like to take charge of your business hours.