Biometric Time Tracking

There are many ways to monitor, identify, and authenticate employees when signing up for a job. One of the most reliable and effective is the use of biometric time tracking software. Biometric systems generate acceptance, ease of use, stability, prevent possible attacks, and are reliable.

What Is A Biometric Clock?

Biometric clocks are management clocks that allow the personalized information of each user to be collected using a digital reader.

Biometrics is the science that is responsible for analyzing the qualities that make each person different. Thus, if this device has previously obtained physical or even behavioral characteristics from a person and has entered them into its database, it will only allow access and apply control to that person.

Timeclock 365 It is a software that offers biometric time tracking. It is the most appropriate by features and functions of the company or institution where it is going to be applied. The best known and most used feature of this technology is executed through fingerprints.

Biometric clocks that apply fingerprint technology recognize the physical and unrepeatable characteristics of each person’s fingerprint. The biometric clock using a sensor reads the fingerprint and compares it with the associated template in its memory, allowing the operation in case of validity.

Other applicable biometric technologies are:

  • 2D or 3D face recognition.
  • Iris recognition.
  • Recognition for the geometry of the hand, veins, or finger.
  • Signature recognition.
  • Recognition by voice.

What Is A Biometric Time Tracking For?

The fingerprint clock provides a company or institution with necessary and accurate information on the attendance and hours of employees. Through this attendance control system, all identification and authentication processes are optimized.

The biometric control clock allows for establishing a rigorous attendance record and time tracking—the device stores in its memory the time and date when the signing takes place.

Another utility of the biometric clock is security since it only allows entry to registered users, thus preventing access to outsiders.

Biometric clocks can be very easily connected to the mechanism of a door. They can also be coupled to other systems, so their connection via intranet or internet is especially relevant to implement a more complete and optimal control and security system.

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