Creating your first users

In this guide you’ll see how to create new user profiles in Timeclock 365, as well as importing an excel file with their details.

Introduction to Roles

By default, there are four roles to choose from: Employee Employee editor Group manager Administrator  Note: We encourage you to consult with us before making any changes to existing roles as you can easily break things including locking yourself out of your own account. Employee This role is meant for employees that are not allowed to […]

How to Set the Employment Start/Termination Date

If you have employees whose employment contract is about to be terminated later this month, you need to specify the employment termination date so that the standard working hours don’t display post the termination dates

How to Define an Unpaid Break


Employees will take regular breaks while still at work. You do not want to pay for hours not worked. Therefore, you need to set a break

How to Create Groups on Timeclock 365

how to create groups

If you are the head of a department or a supervisor, you may want to assign a common task to the employees in your department. For instance, the head of sales and marketing may want to assign the sales team the routes to cover, and find out the amount of time each employee of the sales team allocates the particular tasks.