Approving The Report for The Innovation Authority

This guide is meant for all employees, managers and administrators who work on projects for the Innovation Authority (IIA). Please use it to avoid mistakes.

Step 1. Review The Attendance Report

To review the punches throughout the month and update absence days where needed, go to “Reports” -> “Detailed attendance” -> Choose the period -> “Show”

Review the punches throughout the month and update the absence days. 

The IIA wants to know where the punches took place. Hence, if you need to insert an entry, click the date and fill it in the pop-up window, indicating the location under “Type”.

*Note – at the same place you can enter partial day leave by clicking the “+Add another event” button and choosing the event.


Step 2. Assign Attendance Time to Tasks

Once the attendance has been completed for the month, go to “Projects & Tasks” -> “Time entries for tasks” -> Choose the period -> “Show”

Yellow lines indicate that the attendance time on those days wasn’t fully assigned to the tasks.

To assign it, simply write the number of hours under each task till the line becomes white. If you don’t see a certain task click the blue “+” button to add it.

Step 3. Approve The OCS Report

Now that the attendance and tasks are completed, you can now approve the report:

Go to “Reports” -> “OCS report” -> Choose the period -> “Show” -> Click the button “I Approve this report”

Once approving this report, the attendance report will also be approved.

Step 4. Manager Approval

Managers – In order to approve your employees’ reports, follow the same sequence from step 3. You’ll see the reports of the employees in your group, each contains two buttons: “Decline report”, “I approve this report”.

If the report is correct, go ahead and approve it. If changes are needed, decline it to unlock it for changes.

*Note: If the report needs to be unlocked for changes after manager approval, ask the administrator to unlock this report.

Step 5. Export The OCS Report

This step is meant for system administrators.

Prior to exporting, make sure all the reports have been approved by employees and managers: On the OCS report page, check “All employees” and “show not approved by managers”  to see whether there are still reports that haven’t been approved by either employees or managers and have them approve it.

Administrators have the approval privilege, and can approve  employees’ reports instead of  their managers.

Tip1: You can create an alert to notify who hasn’t approved the report. On “Alerts”  there’s an option called “Employees reports approvals” to define if and when this alert should appear.

Once all reports are approved, click the button “Print with modifications”

*Note: To export the attendance report for payroll purposes, go to “Detailed attendance” and download that report.