Giving Access to Punch In/Out Methods Via The Contract

Upon creation of a new contract, the next item should be specifying the methods through which the employees added to the new contract shall Punch in, or to punch out after the working hours. There are two options to punch in or punch out. The two approaches are through mobile application through web or the terminal device.

Step1. While logged in, navigate to the “settings” and tap on “contracts”.

Step2. Select the contract from the new window that pops up,
and click the “edit” option. 

Step3. Tick on either the “Mobile App” option or the “Web” option. Note that n the contract you can set whether employee can punch via mobile phone , web or terminal. 

However, the mobile phone option is only available on Demo, Standard, Pro and Premium plans. Note that:

·         The Mobile App option will allow the employee to punch via mobile app, Microsoft team’s app, and Google chrome extension and windows software.

·         The Web checkbox will allow employee to punch via web portal.

·         Terminal – if you have purchased a biometric clock or biometric access control, you will be able to assign employees to that device and it will be enough to purchase the basic plan for it.

Step4. Check the new changes to confirm correctness and tap on Save.