How to Assign Employees to Contracts

Step1. While logged in, go to system dashboard and navigate to “settings” option.

Step2. Go to contracts, and click on “create new
contract”, shown on the top.


Alternatively, you may choose to duplicate an existing
contract. Click on the “duplicate” option to copy an existing contract and
modify the employee.


Step3. To assign an employee to the new contract,
enter the contract name, specify the group, and select the employees name from
the dropdown menu. (You have to create the employee as a user first, before
attempting to assign a contract).

Specify whether that will be the main contract by ticking
the box labeled main. Note that only 1 contract can be set as main”. In
addition, for every new employee that you will create, he will be automatically
assigned to this main contract.


Step4. Verify that you entered the user details
correctly and click the “save” button to capture the new contract. .