How to Calculate Weekly Overtime


To set the overtime rate on a weekly basis, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Log on to the Timeclock 365 dashboard and tap Settings

Step 2. Select “Contracts”

Step 3.  Select the Employee whose overtime you want to
calculate and enter the standard working hours. 

Step 4. Select “Weekly Overtime” 

Step 5. Enter the standard weekly working hours and specify
the rates for extra hours worked. For instance, you may say for the first five
extra hours, the employees is paid at 125%, the next five hours the employee are paid at 200%. 

Step6. When you are done, click Save. To view the calculated overtime, go to “Detailed attendance” and select the employees name, and hit “show”. The full record will appear on the screen and the overtime will be added to the last day of the week.