How to Create Groups on Timeclock 365

How to Create Groups on Timeclock 365

If you are the head of a department or a supervisor, you may want to assign a common task to the employees in your department. For instance, the head of sales and marketing may want to assign the sales team the routes to cover, and find out the amount of time each employee of the sales team allocates the particular tasks.

Timeclock 365 gives you the “Groups” functionality, which allows the heads of departments to create and add staff to the group. In this manual, I explain how to create a Group on Timeclock 365. Therefore, make sure you are signed in to your account and follow the steps outlined here:

Step 1: On the left hand of your screen, click on the “groups” Tab

Step2: Click on the “Create New Group” option displayed at the top of your screen

Step3: Fill the boxes with the correct details. The fields marked with * indicate mandatory sections.


Note that:



·        The Group Name: should be the name assigned to the overall group. For instance, in the case of a head of sales and marketing, the group could be “sales Team”


·        Group Manager: Shows the senior person in charge of the Group. This can be a manager or a supervisor




·        Type: Illustrates the classification of the group as specified by the administrator. 


If you classify the group as “General”, the manager will not see the timesheets of other employees.

If you classify the group as “Security”, the manager shall be able to view the timesheets of all employees under the particular group.



Note that the manager role should be “Group manager” in his user setting: