How to define break

Employees will take regular breaks while still at work. You do not want to pay for hours not worked. Therefore, you need to set a break, so that the program deducts the period defined at break when calculating the number of hours an employee has worked.

Here are the steps to follow when you need to define a break.

Step1. From the user dashboard, navigate to “settings” and select “Contracts”

Step2. On the new window, Pick the contract and navigate to
“breaks” section.


Step3. Tick the box on the left side to set the current
break rule as default. Enter the number of shift hours for which you want break
hours deducted, and enter the period to be deducted as break.

For instance, if an employee’s total shift time is greater
than 8 hours, you can deduct 0.5 hrs as the break time. 

If in future you want to delete the break rule, click on the
dustbin icon on the left side of the current window.

 Step4. Save the
changes and exit.

Run the report to see hours worked and the total break time

To run the report, go back to dashboard, click on “reports”,
select “detailed Attendance” and enter the employee name, specify the “period”,
and click “Show”

Therefore, if we run report, we see that the employee worked
for 8.50 hours, with a break of 0.5 hours. Therefore, the number of hours to be
paid will be 8.0 hours, after deducting the total break time.