How to make it mandatory for employees to Add Attendance Type In Case Time is Added Manually

Sometimes when employees add timesheets via reports, you would like to know whether they work from home/office/field, and they might forget to mention it. This setting ensures employees specify the attendance type when saving the manual timesheets. When activate, the employee will not be able to enter the manual timesheets without specifying the attendance type.

To activate the rule, follow steps below:

Step1. From the dashboard, click on “Settings”, and then click “contracts”, to pick the contract you want to add the rule. In our illustration, we are using the contract “Elikana Kibet”

Step2. Scroll
down to “Timeclock conditions for web” and click to expand.


Step3. Tick the
box labeled “Attendance type required on editing timesheets”  and click “save” to capture the changes.


Therefore, when the employee tries to add the manual
timesheet, the system will not accept the changes if the attendance type is not
specified. See illustration below: