How to remind employee to start task after he punches in

This option is relevant only for professional and premium plans, and it will work only on web interface. if you activate the field, all employees assigned to this contract, will get a pop up window after they punch in, in the window they would have to select a task that they are working on.

With this case set, you will not have hours reported without tasks, this is very helpful because it is easy to know what tasks the employee completed.

Remember, you have to create tasks and assign them to employees, before you add the rule.

Here are the steps to follow to activate the option.

Step1. From the dashboard, click “settings” and select “contracts”.

Step2. Select the contract you want to edit and tap
on “edit” as shown below

Step3. Click on “timeclock conditions for web”,


Step4. Tick the box labeled “It is mandatory to start
a task immediately after punch in” and save.