How to Request Time Off

An employee may request time off for one reason or another. A manager can see the time, date and reason for each time-off request. By default, a manager can see all the employees’ activities. However, an employee can only see his dashboard – and no other dashboards. Here is the fastest way to request time-off.

  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to “Request Time Off”

2.   Enter the reason for requesting the Time Off

If you are filling the Time Off Details for an employee you manage, choose the employee name from the drop-down menu under “Employee.”


From the list of employees, select the name of the employee and the reason for the absence.

3.   If the Time Off request must be accompanied by supporting documents (such as a doctor’s note), upload the document.

Click “Browse files” then locate the file or document in the computer, before uploading it.

4.   Enter the duration or tentative dates of absence.

If you are requesting for a single day off, you can also check the box indicating whether you will be back or whether you are taking the full day off.

5.  For less than a full day’s time off

You may also add a
note describing the nature of the sick off. After entering the start and end
dates for the sick off, you can click the button below it to check the
available balance of off days remaining for the year.

6.   Save the time-off request

Click on the “Save” button, and the time-off request shall be sent to the manager.