How to Reset Password

Employees may forget their login password. In such a case, the employee cannot login into the system and needs to reset the password.

Follow the steps below to reset the password.

Step1. Click the “reset password” option

Step2: Enter your email address registered with Timeclock365 to receive the password reset link (if you’re not sure about the email ask the administrator).

Step3. Check your email address for a reset password email and follow the instructions.




If an employee does not have an email address assigned to Timeclock 365

Under some circumstances, the new employee may not have an email address assigned to the program. The manager can help the employee to rest the password by following these steps:

Step1. From the dashboard, click on “Users”

Step2. Select the user from the new window, and scroll to “users Key”. The manager may choose to auto generate the password or enter a password of choice.


Option1 Click “generate new password”

Step3. The system auto generates a new password. Tick “send password by email” and save to complete the action. The system will email the new password to the user, and includes the details of how to download the application and log in.

Option2: Enter Password manually

To type a password of choice, click on the field and enter the password. Note that the password must contain 8 characters, at least one number, at least 1 capital letter, for example NaDa2021and Click Save to capture the new password.