How to set automatic Punch out

An employee may punch in and forget to punch out at the end of the working hours. If that occurs, the hours calculated past the normal working hours the system calculated the hours as overtime, but in real sense, the employee never worked.

If your employee forgets to punch out on regular basis, or you do not want them to work more than X amount of hours, you can use this setting to auto punch out the employee,.

For instance, let us say you set standard working hours as 08:00-17:00. Therefore, the employee should clock 9 hours a day. If you set the auto punch out to 01:00 hour, this means, if employee works 10 hours, the system will punch him out.

Follow these steps to activate the auto punch out rule.

Step1. From the dashboard, click “Settings” and select “Contracts” then pick the Contract you want to add the “auto punch out” rule.

Step2. Scroll down to “Auto punch”

Step3. Tick the box labeled “Perform Auto-Punch-Out
if the employee has worked this amount of hours above the standard” and enter
the number of hours. For our example, we want the auto punch out rule set to 1
hour after the standard working hours. Therefore, after the employee has worked
for the standard number of hours, the system auto punch out will be performed
an hour later, if the employee does not punch out manually. 

Step4. Save the changes and exit.