How to set / disable reminders for employees

You may want to add a reminder, so that you are reminded of the desired action. Alternatively, you may want to delete an old or outdated reminder. Here are steps you need to follow.

Step1. From the user dashboard, go to Settings

Step2. Tap on contracts to see the list of current


Step3. Tap on the edit icon to see the “reminders” section. You should find different reminders that can be sent automatically via the app or emailed to you. The different reminders are:

“To punch in”: This is the
reminder that alerts you when it is time to punch in. Therefore, if you are
starting to work at 8.30 AM on Monday and you wish to receive a reminder to
punch in at that time, ensure you have ticked the option.

“To Punch out”: This is
useful after the workday. Therefore, rather than leave the time counter
ticking, add a reminder to be alerted when it is time to punch out.

“Remind Employees to
approve his report”: The reminder is useful when you do not want to forget to
collect a report from employees.

“Remind Group manager to
approve employees reports”: The reminder is useful when you need managers to
approve weekly, daily, or hourly reports from employees.

“Weekly reminder about
missing timesheets” employees may forget to submit their timesheet. The
reminder is useful when you need to remind them to submit their timesheets on


Step4. Enter the “weekly reminder day” and “weekly
reminder time”

Step5. Check the reminders to ensure they are set
appropriately, and uncheck the boxes of the reminders you do not wish to

Step6. Click “save” for the new changes to take