How to Set “Employee Didn’t Punch Out” Alert on TimeClock365

TimeClock365 “Employee Didn’t Punch Out” alerts the manager whenever an employee is fails to punch out at the end of the working day. Thus, the manager can take appropriate action depending on the reason for not punching out. To set the Employee did not punch out alert, follow these steps:

Step1. On a web browser, log in to the TimeClock365 User Dashboard  

Step2. Go to “Alerts” tab

Click “Create New Alert” 

Set the alert name, tick “Active” and “watch all users”. Select the employees
group, and add the desired watchers. 

Step5.  Under Attendance Alerts, select the alert
type, in this case “Employee did not punch out” and set the time limit. 

Step6. Click “save” to capture the changes.

From now, you will receive the alerts whenever an employee does not punch out for the time period specified.