How to set the employment Termination Date

If you have employees whose employment contract is about to be terminated later this  month, you need to specify the employment termination date so that the standard working hours don’t display post the termination dates

Follow the steps below to set the employment termination dates.

Step1. From the system dashboard, click “Users” and select the user you want to edit the employment dates

Step2. Click on
Salary information

Step3. Click on
the calendar icon to enter the employment termination date. Therefore, if the
employment contract terminates on the 15th day of January 2021, the
employee cannot punch in after the date; neither can he add manual time after
the employment termination date. In addition, the employee’s standard hours
will only appear after the termination date. 

Step 4: Click
Save to capture the employment termination date correctly.

From the report below, the employee’s standard hours will
not appear after the employment termination date (15t day January 2021)