Shift Settings in Contract

Sometimes employer would like to know, how many hours employee worked at day shift and how many he worked at night shift. Timeclock 365 allows you to create shifts settings inside contract.  A shifts report can be downloaded from “detailed attendance report”. The report shows the hours worked for each shift.

For example employee worked from 18:00 – 23:00, this will separate to: day shift: 3 hours in total, night shift: 2 hours in total.

Here are steps to follow when you want to add shifts on an employee, and download the shifts report.

Step1. Sign in, navigate to the “settings”, and tap on the “contracts” as illustrated below.

Step2. Select the contract that you want to edit, and
navigate to the “shifts settings” section. 

Step3. Click on “Add shift” and enter the hours you
want the employees under that contract to work. You can add several shifts, but
remember to specify the default shift  

Step4. Confirm that the entries are correct, and
click “save” to ensure the changes have been captured correctly.

Step5. To view the shifts report, navigate to the
“reports” section and select “detailed reports”

Step6. Enter the employees name and click on
“Downloads”. Select “shifts”. The program generates the report immediately.

For example, for our test employee, here is the screenshot
of the report we are getting: the employee worked 15.75 hours day shift and 13
hours for night shift.