Now available on

Google Chrome


as an extension, employees, and managers can conveniently gain access to our time management software so they can clock in, assign and choose tasks, edit their timesheets, take a break and then clock out all at a click on a button.

 Operating similarly to our Timeclock software our chrome extension can be easily accessed and operated, simply sign up and log in to your respective accounts and activate the app. 

Employees simply need to activate the extension when they begin working and press the rest or stop buttons when needed.

Offering instant access to a variety of employees to their timesheets and time cards we have optimized these processes to make managing time scales more convenient and allowed managers a detailed report of their employee’s activities and progress with daily tasks. 

Save time and promote efficiency by proving passwords and everyday logins to be redundant.

With the new extension, employees need to only log in once and then they can go about their daily activities without any delays.
We offer a cost-effective and highly functional software that ranges from prices as low at $2 – $13. Categorize, track and manage your workforce and time for a more productive environment and profitable business