Optimize your employee’s operations who are currently working through

By downloading this additional feature onto your Teams app you are allowing your workforce to track their time whether they are at home, in the office, or the field.

Now receive complete transparency and accessibility when organizing and viewing your employees and teams with our collaborative software incorporated into Microsoft Teams for automated time-tracking and timesheet editing facilities.

Purchase our applications with no base fee to attain unlimited support and employee services

Use the app to easily function and navigate through the “Punch-In” and “Punch-Out” buttons


Timeclock 365 app for MS Teams will display your IP Address, the date and time you have been active on your device.

Track projects being implemented by employees and streamline scheduling with the help of our functional, fast, and simple application.

Change the way your workforce operates and provide thorough and regular feedback to your employees by adding photos, comments, and signatures to necessary documents and timesheets.

Send and receive notifications to stay updated and be less forgetful by activating push notifications on the application.