PTO - Leave management

Manage and approve leave requests


Alerts in Real Time

Receiving alerts is one way to stay aware of staff activity. And since we’re all busy, it’s easy to see how clock details can get overlooked by managers.

Timeclock 365 makes life easier for managers. When enabled, managers receive email notifications when employees clock in and out.

Leave / Time-Off Management /Absence Management

Never again will you have to worry about leave tracking.

Providing employees with a self-service option puts the power in their hands and saves you the occasional headache.

Timeclock 365 comes with its own employee leave management system. Employees can report or request time off through the web portal— without any back and forth.

Managers are instantly notified of time off requests and can easily generate leave reports for employees- a win for all.


Easy Report Export

With Timeclock 365 reports, you can present data in different ways. All types of reports can be easily exported in different formats and shared with your employees, clients and partners

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