TC22 Door Access Controller

TimeClock 365 Employee Management and Time Tracking Software|TC22 Door Access Controller


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The TC22 is an advanced terminal designed for both time attendance and access control, perfectly aligning with the innovative technology of TimeClock 365. It stands out for its ability to securely identify individuals, effectively recognizing fingerprints of all conditions – be it dry, wet, or rough, courtesy of its live finger detection technology, ensuring enhanced security.

Key Features:

  • 2.4-inch TFT color screen, providing a clear and interactive interface.
  • Sophisticated TimeClock 365 fingerprint reader with live object detection, ensuring trustworthy and secure user identification.
  • Versatile verification methods, including an option for card-based access, to meet a variety of user preferences.
  • Comprehensive Access Control Capabilities: Features Anti-passback and compatibility with third-party electric locks, door sensors, exit buttons, alarms, and doorbells.

For optimal operation, the TC22 can be connected to a LAN and also has the capability to connect via Wi-Fi. This dual connectivity ensures seamless synchronization of all access-related activities with the TimeClock 365 portal instantly. Such integration offers real-time insight into every employee’s entry and exit, accessible directly from the portal. The system simplifies access management, which can be efficiently overseen remotely via the TimeClock 365 web portal, enabling administrators to effortlessly modify door access permissions.

The system is also engineered to bolster security measures. It promptly alerts administrators of any unauthorized access attempts and can be tailored to send specific notifications, like alerting when designated individuals access certain areas. This feature is invaluable for keeping tabs on high-security zones or managing access across different parts of a facility.

The powerful hardware of the TC22, combined with the proficient TimeClock 365 fingerprint algorithm, markedly elevates the speed and accuracy of fingerprint verification. This positions the TC22 as a top-tier choice for contemporary access control and time attendance management.