What Happens If My Workers Forget To Clock In or Clock Out

What happens if my employees don’t clock in correctly? or “I’m late for work, can my partner clock in for me?” The same situation reflected on both sides of the same coin.

Both situations are a classic faced by businessmen and human resources personnel in companies, and that led to the introduction of time tracking.

Implementing the recording of workers’ working hours hasn’t been an easy practice for some companies and employees. Despite putting all the facilities to carry it out, either through traditional signature sheets or through automated systems, sometimes it is the workers themselves who forget to record the beginning or end of their workday.

Undoubtedly, this problem is something common and, even though these oversights are not the fault of the employer, who has placed and arranged the necessary means for a correct employee time tracking, if we have a labor inspection, the sanctions will directly affect the company

Software For The Registration Of Employee Hours

A good time tracking software ensures that employees don’t manipulate their working time—this is what Timeclock 365 offers. Conversely, if this monitoring of the presence of employees is done manually, there is the possibility of human error, such as not remembering the hours worked that day or not being able to justify this incidence.

How The Use Of Timeclock 365 Solves This?

Timeclock 365 is an innovative Time Tracking Software that helps both managers and employees to track time. One of the most important features of this software lies in its ability to notify employees via the app and email reminders that they need to punch in their working hours. This feature will eliminate unnecessary excuses from the part of the employee and instill the urge to complete the task assigned effectively.

This innovative software also notifies real-time alerts to the manager updating him in real-time if their employees have started working or not.

A full-featured time tracking software should do more than time tracking. It should offer all tools to effectively manage employees, save time and resources which in turn enhances the company’s productivity.

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