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Corona business management doesn’t have to be daunting. Make sure to listen to your employee’s concerns, working from home is lonely and unsure.  There is no one to look at and to ask a question, no one to laugh with and there is no one to eat lunch with.  Employees do better when they feel secure, appreciated, and socially satisfied.  If you just assume that working from home is just a change of location, without adaptation, you will be sadly surprised by the repercussions.  In order to prevent any decrease in morale as well as output make sure to put in a strong infrastructure.  Here’s how it works, set a schedule – have reminders for different aspects of the day and stick to it!! Even if you make changes – don’t let an eased structure become the norm. When people feel that there is a strong base, they feel more confident to do their part. Make sure that whatever your business is that you use the best tools out there for time management.  Time tracking isn’t just a phrase, it is the base on which the rest is built.

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