TimeClock 365 Plugin for Slack

Streamline your time tracking via Slack and TimeClock 365

Talk to your team mates on Slack while tracking your time at work. Use TimeClock 365 features in Slack.

shows punch in and punch out options in the plugin.

Everyone on your team will be able to quickly punch in and out.

No need to leave Slack to track your time at work.  Choose your location (home office, office etc) and clock in or out from work, either on your TimeClock 365 dashboard in Slack or by entering “/punchin” “/punchout” in the Slack message line.

Request time off.

Ask your management for time off work: why and for how long you will be away.

Track which tasks you are currently working on.

“Start” or “Stop” (pause) your work on a task of your choice on your TimeClock 365 Dashboard.

How to install the Timeclock 365 Plugin.

Step 1
In Slack go to "Apps" and search for "TimeClock 365". Then click on the app.
Step 2
Log in using your TimeClock 365 username and password.
Step 3
And you are done! You can now punch in/out, request time off and track your tasks. All of this without leaving Slack.

Do you have any questions or need help with something?

Contact us at support@timeclock365.com
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