Geofencing with Timeclock 365

Geofencing is a technological advance that has just changed the game for everyone. One of the many uses encompass managing the staff. It has made time tracking easy, fast and viable.


It’s super convenient for them as the employees only have to time in and out, and the employer will know. To further keep a check and balance, the geo fence will play its role. Whenever the employee leaves the entered geofence, the employer will know. It’s also super easy for anyone using it, as they don’t have to learn much. It’s just a few steps here and there. There is also a feature which keeps a record of employees who are not on job premises.


Geofencing is not only great for employers but also for employees as well. It keeps a track and sends a reminder if an employee forgot to time in, as well. This way no one can forget to time in as they’ll be receiving notifications for it. You’ll be able to choose your job from the pool off relevant jobs around your geo area. Another great benefit geofencing brings is that you won’t need to remember to time in and out, as it’s going to do that itself. As soon as you leave the location, you’ll be timed out automatically.


Although the best feature is that it keeps a track on your employees’ whereabouts. However, this feature only works when they’re on their job location. Any time other than that, their location will be fully secured. The employees also have the benefit of securing their location if they don’t clock in. Their location is only shared if they clock in. TimeClock does send alerts if the employee is in the location, and doesn’t time in, however, it does not automatically time you in. It also won’t send an alert if you’re in the vicinity but are logged out. Its purpose is just to make everything easy for you. These notifications can also be set by the employers, so the only time employees do get an alert would be when they’re supposed to be timed in.

Many applications using geofencing are usually very heavy, use Wi-Fi/data, drain battery, however, TimeClock doesn’t do either of these things! The main idea behind TimeClock is just to make things easier and smoother for employers and employees.

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