The current global situation with the pandemic has shaken economies, cost thousands of lives and has also forced mankind to shun away from practices that at one time seemed perfectly normal. Governments were forced to enforce lockdowns in hopes of ‘flattening the curve’. As such, many businesses have now started working from home in order to continue ongoing operations and to meet expenses!

Now as a business owner, we all realize how important it is to maintain employee productivity. Many business owners have faced numerous challenges whilst trying to keep their employees motivated to perform well in order to have maximum efficiency. The lack of employee interest is due to no strict method of checking up on how the progress is coming along.

This irksome problem has been cumbersome to business growth for quite a while now. However, we at TimeClock365 have come up with a solution to all your employee productivity problems! You can now keep track of each and every second of your employee’s workday. This check and balance is absolutely necessary in light of recent conditions and would definitely be the answer to all your employee productivity problems!

TimeClock365 offers location tracking services alongside time tracking and web tracking applications in order to cover a wide variety of requirements that our customers may have! Our pricing is extremely affordable as we aim to provide each business with the opportunity to maximize their efficiency through our services! We have 4 packages in place and we charge per user added to the system!

The system tracks time spent on the web, manages your alerts and notifications, provides real time reports, has impeccable customer support and offers geo-tracking location and much more! Explore the limitless efficiency increasing opportunities that TimeClock365 offers by simply making a purchase on the website by clicking here!

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