How to configure Geo-Location info

Location on punch in/out if you want to see where from your employees punch in/out, you should set it in the labor contract of those employees. Go to settings -> contracts, click edit on the appropriate contract / go to users, find the appropriate employee, click on edit, scroll to “Salary info”, if there is […]

How to set attendance alerts

Go to Alerts, edit the default alert or create new. Select employees to watch and employees/managers to receive this alert. Scroll down to “Attendance alerts” and check/uncheck the appropriate options

How to set punch in/out reminders

Go to settings – > contracts, edit contract. scroll down to “Reminders” Check or uncheck the reminders checkboxes Reminder to punch would be sent to the employee’s mobile app or/and email, according to standard working hours and days, configured in this labor contract. The reminder would not be send in case the employee already punched […]

How to assign contract to employee

By default, the “Default contract” would affect all the employees. If you would like to create new contract and assign it to one of the employees, go to “Users”, find the employee, click on the pencil to edit his info, scroll to “Salary Info”, select the contract you created for him and click “save” . […]

Configuring night work

If your employee works at night and you want to pay the overtime after he works , for example, 7 hours (instead of 8.6 hours at daytime), check this checkbox and set the time.

How to adjust the labor contracts

Go to settings – > contracts. Edit the default contract or duplicate it, or create new. The default contract (main) affects all the employees if you do not change the contract inside the employee’s card. Setting default work days and hours Select default work days, set working hours and overtimes, then click on “set as […]

Management Panel

1. Presentation of attendance report of all employees 2. Location of employee at time of report in. 3. You can edit and add a report manually. 4. It is possible to report in from a computer instead of the mobile phone application