5 Tips to Help You Select the Best Employee Time and Attendance Software

Manual time and attendance tracking can be a time consuming and frustrating exercise. Keeping track of worked hours using an automated system guarantees more accuracy while reducing labor costs.

With an efficient and reliable tracker, you should be able to navigate past common pitfalls associated with time tracking in small and medium-sized businesses. But we understand that identifying the right system can be a daunting task, especially with dozens of options out there to choose from.

To give you a head start on what to look out for in a time tracking system, keep the below tips in mind.

Simple and easy to operate

As a small business, you want as much as possible to go for an intuitive time tracking system. The application must also be able to eliminate the headache of manual and compliance processes. For faster adaptability, try to strike a balance between simplicity and minimalism to ensure a quicker return on investment.

Flexibility and reliability

A proper application will be compatible with multiple platforms to enable your employees to log in from any device, anywhere. And in case of a bug, the software providers should be readily available to perform diagnosis and contain the problem as fast as possible.

Mobile app

Nowadays, businesses work with both remote and in-house teams, and as such, you ought to go for an app that allows your team members to log in and out using their mobile devices. Managers and supervisors should then be able to review and approve work accordingly.

Tracking time-off

The system should provide for time-off or leave tracking right from the application stage to review and finally, approval.


A time tracking and attendance tool should seamlessly allow managers in various departments, including Finance and HR to access periodic reports for each employee. Therefore, the system should be able to track any idle time, punctuality, hours spent on a job, and so on, for purposes of performance evaluation, controlling costs, and payroll processing.

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