1. Next generation time management and attendance system.

Clock in via 3 easy options

  • Wall Based time clocks (Finger print access, Proximity card, code).

  • Application (Optional GPS Location permissions).

  • Via PC Portal (Optional sign-in via company IP address).

2. Alerts –Multiple and Customizable

  • Hot alerts and instant alerts defined by manager. Alerts for Employee starting work too early or too late. Alerts for too many or too few work hours. Alerts for missing workday’s etcetera.

3. Reminders

  • Reminders-on the application and email, reminders for employees to sign-in to attendance time clock.

4. Employee contracts

  • Calculating overtime, breaks.

5. Exporting files

  • Exporting files to Excel and Salary systems. 

    *Save money and time on book keeping administration.