Biometric Time and Attendance

The Timeclock 365 Biometric time and attendance solution delivers a reliable automated employee time tracking system with the added convenience and security of biometric authentication (fingerprints).

The biometric clock allows employees to punch in and out quickly and easily.

Door Access Control Management

Right people! Right place! Right time!

Ensure the safety of your employees by controlling movement of people. TimeClock 365 provides comprehensive and flexible Door Access Control management system specifically designed to meet the access control needs of any organization, irrespective of its size.

Who, Where, When and Why?

Ever worry about keeping track of employee time and attendance? Does keeping tabs on random time-off and shift change requests drive you a little crazy? Timeclock 365 is the answer.

Timeclock 365 is a simple, smart and dynamic platform that converts data into actionable, valuable information.

A system designed with businesses like yours in mind!

Fast, easy and flexible time tracking for businesses: track time and attendance in real-time. Know when your employees arrive and leave work, where they are at any given time, and what they are working on. Manage time off and leaves. Create work contracts.

Manage projects and dive into reports.

Time Tracking on Mobile App

Do more while on the move with mobile time tracking.

TimeClock 365 is a simple and convenient way to track your staff attendance and their location. Cloud based, managers can see who’s in and run time and attendance reports anytime, anywhere.

With punch-in and punch-out options both on web and mobile, TimeClock 365 makes it easier for your employees to clock their hours.

Employee Location Tracker

Do you want to know where your employees are during working hours?

TimeClock 365 offers real-time geo-tracking to enable employee’s check-in from various locations.

Get real-time insight into who’s working, where they’re working, and what they’re working on.

Tasks & Projects Management

Create detailed project and task structures!

With TimeClock 365 you can immediately start efficiently tracking all your tasks projects. We offer all the management tools you need to stay on top of tasks and project revenue.

Seamless Payroll Solution

Spend time doing the things that matter in your business by using our seamless payroll reports.

Generating payroll is a breeze with TimeClock 365 payroll calculator. Easy to understand payroll reports right at your fingertips.

Fast and Simple

No installation needed, quick  and easy access from anywhere! An intuitive user-friendly interface for quick attendance recording!

TimeClock 365 is compatible with both android and Apple iOS devices.

Change the Way You Work

Unplanned systems are less productive and exhausting.

TimeClock 365 helps employees stay efficient, and productive, even on the go. You can set up tasks, track project progress and give detailed task reports in real time.

TimeClock 365 lets you add photos, comments, signature and attach documents for each completed task in real time.

Notifications When You Need Them

With less to remember, there is less to forget.

TimeClock 365 lets you know when employees punch in and out, when employees arrive late, work longer hours or there are any system glitches.

With real-time alerts via email for employers and reminder push notifications on mobile app, for employees everyone stays updated.

Track time from any device

MS Teams

Door Access control

Biometric clock

Mobile app

Web portal

Chrome App

Windows App

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