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How does a time & attendance system add value to your business


If your business is experiencing employee time & attendance issues, then you certainly need to put in place a time management tool. Every cent spent on workforce ought to count towards the business’s productivity.

While most time & attendance trackers serve the purpose of time management, a mobile one is vital in a day and age when companies are partnering with professionals from all parts of the world. So whether you work with remote teams, field teams, or operate multiple branches, a mobile time tracking system is your best bet at achieving efficiency and effectiveness.

Speaking of operating optimally, how exactly does a time & attendance tracker add value to your business?

Remote workers

It is prevalent for businesses with remote teams to encounter workforce management issues which result in delayed deadlines, ballooned budgets, among other things. A time manager should go beyond time clock-ins and clock-outs; the tool ought to contain a geo technology to foster location monitoring, as well as the ability to track the starting and finishing points of projects.

Flexible workers

The business world is fast shifting from conventional payment structures to efficient schemes involving payment for actual time worked. With our time tracking tool, supervisors and managers can set and review project outcomes and either approve or reject the work done.

Timeclock 365 time tracker allows businesses to monitor early and late entries, allowing them to cut payroll costs significantly.

Workforce laws compliance

If your business is operating with team members from different states or countries, it is easy for you to overlook certain laws relating to labor force. Depending on the location, rules relating to overtime, sick pay, and leave and vacation pays will vary from one place to the other. We understand how daunting it can be to keep track of all the relevant labor provisions, and that is why we factored that into our time & attendance tracker to ensure that your business remains compliant with all labor laws at all times.

It’s time to go paperless with our time management tool; with a wide range of features to suit a modern-day business, teamclock365 is your ultimate efficiency tool.

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