How to Approve The Attendance Report

This is a detailed guide on the approval process of the detailed attendance report.


Step 1. Review the punches

Go to “Reports” -> “Detailed attendance” -> Select the period -> “Show”

You’ll now be able to see all the punches in that period. Review to make sure everything is correct and fill in absence dates if haven’t yet done so. If you can’t edit anything – ask your manager to do it for you.


Step2. Approving the report

Once everything is filled, a green button will appear on the right hand side with the text “I approve this report”:

Once clicking it, a pop-up window will ask to approve and lock for changes.

Note 1 – If you need to make changes after approving the report, ask your manager to decline it so you could make the change and approve again.

Note 2 – If you’re and hourly/part time employee and the button doesn’t appear, ask your manager to allow the approval on the contract settings.



Step 3. Manager approval

Managers: Review your employees’ reports and approve/decline as needed.

Step 4. Export to payroll

This step is done by the administrator(s).

Prior to exporting the reports, you can view the unapproved reports by checking the box “show not approved by managers” -> “Show”.

When everyone finished approving, you can then export by clicking the “Download” button or “Export to pdf”