How to View Detailed Attendance Report

Group managers or the head of HR, may want to check the detailed attendance report. An employee may also want to view their detailed attendance report, to relate to the earnings received. Here is a brief of how to check the detailed attendance report .
Step1. Login to your user dashboard and click on “Reports” available on the left hand side: The “Reports” section will expand.

Step2: to view the Detailed attendance report click on “Detailed
Attendance” under the “Reports” Section

Step3: Select the type of attendance report you want view.

Important Note: The fields “Select
Employee”, “Specify Period” and “Sort A-Z” appear selected by default. You may
customize the detailed report by using the following fields:



To customize the
employees attendance report Tick “Select Employees” and click under the
“Employees field” as illustrated below:



·        To view detailed report for all employees, tick the “All Employees” box

·        To view detailed report for employees who have worked Tick “show only employees who



·        To view detailed report for employees who are not active Tick “show only not active
employees” as illustrated below:




Step4. Specify the Period for which you want to view the employee’s


Alternative: To specify the custom period over which you want to view the
attendance date, fill the fields “start date” and “End Date” respectively.


Step5: Specify the Reporting Criteria by ticking either of the following




Step 6: choose to sort the report or to view in default order. Therefore,
if you want the names of the employees arranged from A to Z, Tick the box
labeled “Sort A to Z”.



Step 7: Select how you want to view the report. You may
choose to just view the reports, Download, print a copy to your specified
printer or export the report to PDF.