Maternity reduced hours

Full-time female employee returning from maternity leave can work for 1 hour less without a pay reduction

Introduction to Roles

By default, there are four roles to choose from: Employee Employee editor Group manager Administrator  Note: It is possible to create more roles and also allow or block access to certain functions for the above via the “Roles” window. Employee This role is meant for employees that are not allowed to edit their timesheets. Users […]

Quick Approval of Timesheet

If you’re being paid globally and don’t need to record your hours, this guide will show you a quick way to approve your report. NOTE: The “Auto-fill” option must be enabled. If it isn’t, ask your system admin to add it to your role: Log in to your Timeclock365 account and click the “Detailed attendance” […]

Guide to Time Off Management

This guide will show how to use the Time Off Management module on Timeclock365.  If you’d like to add it to your account, go to “Billing” -> “Subscriptions” -> Choose “Yearly” -> Increase to 1 the “Time off balance management modules” (this is for the entire company regardless of the amount of users) Step 1: […]

How To Add, Delete or Edit Punches

It is possible to add, edit or delete recorded time on Timeclock 365 via “Detailed Attendance Report”, If you have an editing role