Peak Productivity With Location Tracking

Know exactly where your staff is at all times

Track where your employees are currently working from thanks to GPS location tracking. GPS tracking brings you top-level  employee management.hg

Once employees clock in, Timeclock 365 application logs their location and update it throughout the workday. Timeclock 365 only records employee locations when they’re clocked in.

No matter how geographically spread out your team is, Timeclock 365 lets you in on the present location of every single employee.

clock in from anywhere

With GPS time tracking, managers can:

Smart Alerts and Notifications

Have peace of mind, knowing the correct employee is at the right workplace at the right time.

Employees clock in/out? Be in the know! Get alerts and notifications when employees enter or leave a defined zone.

Real-Time Coverage The Way You Need It​

Live location at all time!

With the click of a button you can see who’s at work, who’s running late, and who’s on break. All in real time.

When employees start and end shifts via Timeclock 365, managers get a map view on their app or web application. Real-time insight of who’s on the clock and where they’re located. With these live-update you can stay on top of employees’ attendance and absences.

All that data will be available by visual report, which can be easily turned into exportable documents.

Sophia Taylor

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