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TimeClock 365 Employee Management and Time Tracking Software | HR Compliance Management
TimeClock 365 Employee Management and Time Tracking Software | HR Compliance Management

Timesheet approval process

Schedule enforcement ensures that team members are clocking in and out when authorized. Out-of-schedule punches slow down time card approvals. When a payroll manager encounters a paper time card with out-of-schedule punches, they have to stop and research. Was this confirmed by a supervisor? Or was it simply a mistake? Customize your workforce management software with schedule rules. By omitting out-of-schedule punches, you will remove another barrier to no-hassle timesheet approvals. It will also expedite predictive scheduling compliance.

PTO Tracking and Overtime

Tracking Paid Time Off (PTO) precisely is important. Staff members who receive PTO must be able to monitor their accruals. Mistakes can cause business owners to violate labor standards. They also cost money and hamper the time card approval process.

When an employee moves into overtime, TimeClock 365 tracks it. The employee doesn’t need to add straight time and overtime on a paper timesheet. A manager won’t need to double-check or correct the calculation.

TimeClock 365 is an affordable solution for speeding up time card approvals and enforcement.


Manager’s approval process and lock reports

TimeClock 365 helps you to enforce the timesheet approval that makes it convenient for managers to review and endorse/reject employees’ weekly time tracking data.

You can easily see which timesheets are ready for approval in the Approve Time-Track interface. There, you can inspect your team members’ time tracking results one by one – click on the link with dates to check out which tasks they worked on during the week and how much time they spent on them.

Besides, the Approve Time-Track Interface allows you to endorse/reject employee timesheets in bulk and see how much leave time each employee took over a workweek. Plus, in case you decide to reject a person’s timesheet, you may explain your reasons for doing so via the time-track rejection comments.

The timesheet fraud and error detection reports you need:


  • Definition and enforcement of timesheet policies and rules; validations should be performed by the system at the point of entry
  • Lock down of approved timesheets and timesheet periods
  • Auditing of every time entry change and all timesheet approvals/period closing
  • Notifications when budget thresholds have been reached
  • Reports and live analysis dashboards to monitor projects/operations and to detect inappropriate, fraudulent, inefficient use or misallocation of time, or other potential problem areas
fingerprint attendance

Track changes and historical corrections

Historical corrections can be added for updating punches for a worked shift, handling timecard
exceptions such as missed punches, adding leave pay codes and changing leave pay code such as from Absent to Personal or Medical Leave. These edits in the signed-off pay period trigger the system to generate historical corrections.
Employees can view their corrected timecards in the application.

This one ability carries a big punch and gives you the editing power you need to
make changes to past data — a very useful tool since TimeClock 365 doesn’t allow changes once data is approved and logged.
Historical Corrections allows managers to revise incorrect information that has already been signed off on such as:
1) missing pay codes
2) incorrect transfer information
3) missing or incorrect punches
4) retroactive wage adjustments
Managers can also support Viewing Totals for current and previous pay Periods without double counting, specify a money pay code for retro wage calculations, and select an
effective date for pay out.

Securely Storing Employee Files & Records

  • Restricted access to sensitive information
  • Secured storage
  • Medical histories/evaluations
  • Requests for FMLA leave
  • Requests for ADA accommodations
  • Records related to employee investigations (discrimination, harassment, etc.)
  • Medical files*