Track Tasks And Projects

Effectively managing working time and monitoring activities is a guarantee of profitability for any company. Various studies have shown that most employees don’t work to full potentials if not monitored.

However, good time management and effective monitoring of activities make it possible to optimize human resources, planning processes, consolidate employees’ activities, invoice the actions carried out by the teams at a fair price to both parties. Optimizing the tracking of time and projects enhances productivity.

What Does it Mean to Track Tasks And Projects?

This process mixes both the administrative and human aspects of a company to optimize the company’s performance. Why integrate these two important factors? To manage three essential points for the success of the business:

  • Manage your team’s presence.
  • Track time to optimize their output.
  • Plan your resources.

Using A Time And Activity Management Tool: The Benefits

Putting in place tools for better management makes it possible to identify areas of fault and provide effective solutions: you reduce tasks with low added value, time-consuming and overly repetitive actions requiring an automation process.

Time Recording

The implementation of a time management tool will benefit the different staff of the company. Employees quickly track their time while providing managers with one-click validation. They have a direct view of their workload and can thus manage their time as well as possible. Duplicates and omissions are therefore avoided.

Managers follow the timesheets of their employees and have access to simplified validation. On the other hand, they have an overview of their team presence and simply manage the project. Human resources are freed from these time-consuming tasks and refocus on their value-added activities.

Project Activity Tracking

A powerful project activity monitoring software will help control costs and increase productivity. As long as employees complete the time spent on each assignment, they, therefore, allow managers to understand the progress of projects.

Therefore to detect time-consuming actions and to put the processes in place to optimize them, the analysis is refined and the reporting much more precise. This is what a good time tracking software offer.


The benefits of tracking your employee’s time and your project shouldn’t be a fact that is overlooked. Your whole company productivity might be hindered because of this neglect and you won’t even know it. You can try our time tracking app today, and see how to get your team working much more effectively.

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