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Welcome to Timeclock 365 – your ultimate employee tracking partner

Business owners around the world are battling twin anxieties: how acute the pandemic will be for the global economy and what businesses should be putting in place to survive.


Most companies have resolved to downsize, remote working, or compulsory leave. As expected, businesses that were not used to remote working are finding it hard to manage teams to obtain maximum value for the salaries and wages spend.

As the world battles one of the deadliest viruses in the history of humankind, here are three ways our tool can help you manage your employees remotely:


Keep track of employees working from home during the isolation period

Web-based timeclock

track time using web portal, access from anywhere, inclides IP block

Mobile app timeclock

track time using mobile app, access from anywhere, inclides GPS location

Working remotely can be fun, as it has been proven to boost staff morale. But it is also easy for members to get distracted and miss a day or two of work. As a business, you want to obtain value for your time and money, especially in the wake of an economic downturn occasioned by the pandemic fears.

Timeclock 365 allows your teammates to clock in from anywhere around the world from the web portal and mobile app while tracking time worked using the tool’s inbuilt biometric clock.

Manage employees on leave 

If some of your employees opt to go for leave, Timeclock 365 is the perfect tool for tracking individuals who won’t be working. With its web-based and mobile app attendance and time tracker, you can sit easy knowing the logged hours for respective team members are being captured seamlessly.

Get Real – Time Alerts when employee starts or stops working, when they are late or absent.

report attendance

Track tasks and Projects

Unplanned systems are less productive and exhausting.

Timeclock 365 helps employees stay efficient, and productive, even when working from home. You can set up tasks, track project progress and give detailed task reports in real time.

Timeclock 365 lets you add photos, comments, signature and attach documents for each completed task in real time.

Notifications When You Need Them

With less to remember, there is less to forget.

Timeclock 365 lets you know when employees punch in and out, when employees arrive late, work longer hours or there are any system glitches.

With real-time alerts via email for employers and reminder push notifications on mobile app, for employees everyone stays updated.

notifications about employees

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