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How Time Management Software Improves Productivity

Back then, there were limited options for enterprises when it came to tracking employee attendance and constantly juggling deadlines and deliverables. Time tracking was done through pen and paper, via punch clock or through the inescapable spreadsheet. Remote workers reported through an honesty system, and projects emphasized on linear processes, excessive documentation, and prioritization.


While these methods proved effective through time, these traditional practices are tedious and time-consuming. The manual labor cuts down productivity and eats up time and effort that could be placed elsewhere in an enterprise’s operations.   


Now, thanks to time management software, employee time and task management has been made easier. 


Time management software allows you to monitor your team’s daily work along with the projects on your company’s pipeline. With the ultimate goal to efficiently track time to get more work done, a time and attendance system adds value to your business, helps you stay focused, makes you more organized, and most importantly, boosts your organization’s productivity. 


Below we discuss how a good employee time tracking software can change the way you manage your tasks and track your employees’ working hours:


  1. Precise time tracking

The best time tracking software provides you with multiple options to clock in and allows you to monitor timesheets in real-time. 


For hours time tracking, employees can declare their official working hours via different platforms such as wall-based time clocks, applications or PC portals. Reminders to punch in their attendance to the time clock are sent to employees via application or email to ensure that they don’t forget to signify the start of their work day. Additionally, employees can also receive data that describes how they spent their time at work, which clues them in on their performance and gives them hints and ideas on what aspects they need to improve on. 


As for employers, a reliable time management software notifies them if an employee begins work early, late or right on time. They can also be alerted when an employee decides to go overtime, cuts working hours short or misses an entire day’s work. Alerts can be customized as per the needs of the company, and data regarding employee productivity such as breaks calculation are also provided by these platforms, which allows employers to determine which employee is working honestly and contributing to the enterprise’s productivity. 


These features gives businesses power to dodge and resolve problems involving compliance risk and policy violations when it comes to working hours, especially when research shows that employee productivity per day only amounts to a mere 2 hours and 23 minutes. 


  1. Pinpoints employee location 


If you run a business with remote and mobile workers, then incorporating a time management software will be a huge advantage for you. Not only does it record and plan time. It also allows you to see where all your employees are and check whether they are working even if they are beyond office walls. 


The best time tracking software offers you a map that shows you where your field employees are in real-time. You can also track employees who are traveling for a business trip, a scheduled appointment or a conference. Additionally, you can also look back on an employee’s travel route history and mark areas on the map to receive alerts when an employee goes in or out of the designated area. 


Investing in a good time management software comes with a ton of benefits for employee time management. Being able to determine the location of your employees, especially those out on the field, refines your managerial expertise and allows you to run your company more efficiently than ever. Implementing an employee time tracking software encompasses the variety of your workforce and monitors even the minute performance details, which allows you to avoid headaches brought by productivity and attendance issues. 


TimeClock 365 Employee Management and Time Tracking Software | How Time Management Software Improves Productivity

  1. Collaborative task management 


Monitoring employee productivity does not stop at clocking in and out, and in the fast-paced world of business, more and more owners seek for added features in their time management software. 


The good news is, most employee time tracking software have extended their features to managing projects and providing control over their development process. These include intricate reports on each task and time spent to accomplish them as well as the ability to upload photos straight from the field and affix invoices and other important documents on the platform. Employees can also comment on completed tasks in real-time and live updates are available in the cloud, which ensure smooth and swift collaboration between parties. 


Having a tool that tracks your employees’ productivity and helps you acquire better control over your company’s projects can be a key factor to the success of your entire enterprise. It allows employers to maintain a bird’s eye view on the company’s operations through monitoring engagement and performance, which results in an optimized workflow. 


  1. Assisted payroll management


Besides being able to capture precise timekeeping information, a solid employee time tracking software can also export data to enterprises’ salary systems, which cuts down costs and time wasted on redundant bookkeeping practices—another major boost in productivity for you and your enterprise. 


It streamlines your employee experience, thanks to versatile pay runs and time tracking that helps you to pay your workers on time and with confidence. With a good time management software, you don’t have to worry about that employee slacking in the office and you can generously reward that diligent worker for her countless overtimes and for always taking the lion’s share of assignments. Besides this, employers can integrate their unique cost-sharing programs to the payroll system while employees can collect stubs or checks in a process that is easy to grasp and are extremely accessible. 


Additionally, an effective employee time tracking software also cuts payroll waste and allows you to acquire significant insight on workplace trends and issues that affect your organization’s performance via real time visibility. Saying goodbye to timesheets and punch cards has never looked so appealing. 


  1. Available on any device


One of the key takeaways of automating your employee time tracking is the fact that all the features we discussed can be carried on via any device, including smartphones. Team members can clock in and out using any smart device, and employers can receive alerts about task completion, employee performance and working hours at the tip of their fingers. 


Convenience is one of the fruits you’ll get to reap when you decide to incorporate a time management software, and with the preeminence of mobile Internet connections as well as smartphone technology, access to online time management systems are only expected to gain ground in the coming years. 


Technavio reports that the global time tracking market size will increase at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 8% until 2021, so you can definitely expect that time management software will be available for you to channel more time fostering business growth rather than spending it all on laborious administrative tasks. 


Time is of the essence


Automated time tracking is a key force in improving your company’s productivity, and we highly encourage you to give it a spin. When selecting a time tracking platform, be sure to consider your business’s needs first and make sure that the software suits the size of your organization. For instance, if you’re a small enterprise, consider getting a time tracking software for small business, and if you’re looking to boost your employee productivity further, you can browse the best HR software tools compilation online.