TimeClock 365 Employee Management and Time Tracking Software|Benefits of Mobile Time & Attendance App for Employee Time Management

You know the drill: Time is all we have and don’t. If we don’t manage time well, lifetime opportunities could slip right through our fingers. Dozens of companies today still rely on the manual recording of worked hours and time card punch clocks. But as a business owner, it paramount to operate efficiently within your operating budget without compromising on the quality of your goods or services.

One of the time-tested methods of making the most of your workforce budget is through the use of a time management application. And with the invent of a mobile time & attendance tracker, you can seamlessly manage your employees remotely and onsite. Our mobile time management app allows you to monitor workforce clock in and out while keeping track of each individual’s punctuality on their assignments.

So in a nutshell, below are three benefits of having a mobile time and attendance tracker in your business.

Remote monitoring

In today’s world, flexible time management is a deal-breaker. Companies are now working with teams from all around the work, thanks to freelance working. With our time & attendance application, field and remote workers can easily punch in their worked hours wherever they are, allowing supervisors to keep track of employees’ time attendance and locations. With this tool, businesses get to enjoy real-time supervision while fostering fair compensation.

Employee self-service portal

Our mobile application allows employees to review their timesheets, shifts, and run reports from anywhere in the world. The app enables responsible team members to organize shifts and send them out to respective staff members. With that, employees can have access to useful work information when and where they want it.


Having a timeclock365 mobile time & attendance application means that you’ll have timely information captured more correctly. The system can record differing hours and working rates with precision, resulting in fewer errors due to the tool’s automated calculation algorithms for payroll and overtime remittances.

In other words, timeclock365 not only eliminates human errors, but it also gives your employees peace of mind given its level of accuracy.

 Today’s working dynamics reflect the real future of work. A small business can have tens of workers from all over the world, and keeping track of them can be a painful experience. However, with a mobile time & attendance tracker, employees can carry the system with them affording your business the touch of a futuristic company.

Got questions about our time and attendance tracker, get in touch with us today to realize the full value of your time.