TimeClock 365 Employee Management and Time Tracking Software|RFID and Fingerprint Readers


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RFID/Fingerprint Readers

Boost your workplace’s efficiency with the TimeClock 365 Biometric Attendance System, a sophisticated addition to modern business operations. It’s important to note that this system’s RFID readers are not standalone devices; they require integration with multi-door controllers like the TC21 or TC22 for full functionality.

Key Features:

  • Dependent Integration: Designed to work in conjunction with TC21, TC22, and InBio Multidoor controllers, this system extends beyond basic time tracking, offering a comprehensive solution for access control and attendance management.

  • Advanced Biometric Technology: Equipped with high-accuracy fingerprint sensors, the system ensures secure and efficient clocking in and out, enhancing both security and convenience.

  • Instant Record Updates: Employee attendance is recorded in real-time, with every clock-in and clock-out immediately updated in the TimeClock 365 online portal, streamlining attendance management and saving administrative effort.

  • Enhanced Access Control: When connected to TC21 or TC22 controllers, the system unlocks advanced access control features. This includes intricate management of user access, real-time monitoring of door status, and the ability to set customized entry rules for different user groups.

  • Customizable Alerts and Notifications: Tailor alerts to monitor specific access events or security concerns, keeping you informed and in control of your premises’ security at all times.

  • Robust Data Management: Centralize and secure management of user data, attendance logs, and access records, all conveniently accessible through the TimeClock 365 online portal.

The TimeClock 365 Biometric Attendance System is more than a time tracker; it’s a key component in a larger ecosystem of time and access management. As part of your business’s operational toolkit, it brings accuracy, security, and efficiency to the forefront of your daily activities. Explore the new dimension of attendance management and access control that the TimeClock 365 Biometric Attendance System offers.