How to Add New Users and Assign the User License

If you have a new employee joining your company, you need to add them as a user and assign the respective license. To add the new user, follow the steps below.

Step1. From the Dashboard, navigate to users

Step2. From the New window, click “Add new User” 

Step3. Add the new employee’s particulars, and set to the
employee to “Active”. You can add the New users “Email Address” or “Username”. 

Step4. On the same window, enter the “users Key” and set the
“Password”. Remember to set the “user license”. Depending on the access rights
you want to assign to the user.  

Step5. Set the employees Role and add the desired
authentication method. 

Step6. Fill in the employees contact information, salary
info, Time off Balances, employees tracking settings, and notes, then click
save to capture the employee’s details correctly