How to add partial absence on day when you already worked

Some days, an employee may punch in at 8.00AM and wants to leave at noon, to see a doctor or attend to some emergency. Therefore, the employee should report the absence between noon and the time he or she was supposed to punch out.

There are two options to report the absence.

Option1. Here are the steps to follow:

Step1. Go to dashboard and “Punch in”. Work until the time you plan to leave.

Step2.   Go back to
the dashboard and select “Punch out” when it is time to leave. 

Step3. Still on the Dashboard navigate to “Request Time Off”
and click on “request now”. 

Step4. A new window opens, where you are required to enter your name and select the reason you are requesting the time off. Select your name from the dropdown option or key in the name. 

Step5. Select the Absence Reason and add any files if necessary. Note that you may attach up to 3 files and not more than 10MB. 

Step6 Untick the “Full Day” option and enter the time you
will be off. You may add a note for further clarification. 

Step7. Save the Request 

Option2. Requesting
Time Off Through “Detailed Attendance Report

Step1. Go to Dashboard and Tap on “Detailed Attendance

Step2. Specify the period you intend to enter the “Time Off”
as illustrated herein: 

Step3: Tap “Show” on the left bottom corner of the open screen

Step4: Detailed report for the employee selected appears on
the bottom. Scroll down to select the date you want to request the time off.
For illustration purpose, we intend to enter the dates 23rd of
December 2020. Therefore, navigate to the date and click on it. 

Step5: Enter the time
you want to enter the time off. You may add files and a note to ensure clarity

Step6. Click on Save and Exit.

Therefore, we have illustrated two options to request Time off on Timeclock 365. A manager may use the second option to enter the employee’s time off. An employee can use the first approach to enter a time off.