How to block employee from punching in from none authorized location

The employer may want to restrict the locations where the employee can punch in. The settings helps to make sure that the employees do not punch in if they are not within the designated work area. For instance, an employee may notice he is running late, and decides to punch in through the mobile application so that his time is calculated.

To ensure employees can only punch in from the specified region or within certain radius of the office, follow the following steps.

Step1. From the dashboard, click “Customers”.

Step2. Tap “create new customer”, 

Step3. Enter the address and pick the location as appears on
Google maps, Set the radius, and then click “save” to capture the details of
the new customer correctly.


Step4.From the dashboard, go to “settings” and select “contracts”

Step5. Enter to the employee’s contract and verify that the
employee is assigned to the contract.


Step6. Navigate to the option “timeclock conditions for

 Step7. Tick the option “allow to punch only on the following
locations”, then select the location you previously created. Click
  the option “save” to capture the location