How to Close Day According to Contract

Sometimes the employee may Punch in and forget to punch out. As the employer, you do not want to end up paying overtime, if the employee has not worked. Therefore, Timeclock 365 provides an option where you can close the day according to the contract. Therefore, if employee forgot to punch out yesterday and punches in today, if you set “close day according to the contract”, on the moment he punches in today, it will add “punch out” for yesterday.

Here are the steps to follow in order to activate the function:

Step1. From the user dashboard, navigate to “settings”, and select “contracts”

Step2. Select the contract you want to make changes and click edit option
as illustrated below



Step3: Scroll further down and select “Auto Punch”



Step4: Tick the option “Close day according to the contract” by
activating the option, if there is punch in and no punch out or vice versa, the
program will complete the missing punch according to the labor contract.




Step5: Click “Save” to capture the changes into the system.


Therefore, if the employee has to work 9 hours and punched in yesterday at 10:00 and forgot to punch out. His yesterday report will be closed and will be recorded as 10:00-19:00.