How to Create a New Task

A manager can create tasks for employees. These tasks can be assigned to one or more employees, depending on the project. Better still, a task can be assigned to a group of employees. This is very useful because a new employee joining the group will automatically be assigned the tasks already being undertaken by that group.

  1. From the Dashboard, go to “Projects & Tasks.”

2. Select “Tasks”

3. Click on “Create New Task”

4. Enter a descriptive task name 

5. Assign the task to one or more employees. This will appear in their task list.

6. If you wish to assign the task to one or more groups, this is how you do it.


Note: When you assign a task to a group, each member in that group automatically gets assigned that task. New members joining that group will also see the task in their task lists.

  1. Choose whether to notify the employee about the new task. In addition, set the time budget for the task.