How to restrict punch from specific

Timeclock 365 allows you to restrict employees from punch in using an web interface with an IP address outside the office. Therefore, follow the following steps to activate the option

Step1. From the user dashboard, click on “settings” then “company profile”,

Step2. On the new
window, enter the IP address. Note that you have to have static IP in your
office in order to make this working. Click “Update” to save the new changes

Step3. Go to
settings and click on contracts

Step4. Select the
contract and tap on “Edit”

Step5. Navigate
to “timeclock conditions for web”

Step6. Select “Web
punch only from this IPs”, and select the IP from the drop down menu, and click
“save” to capture the changes on the system.


This means employees willl not be able to punch in if they are not withing the office internet IP address.